Who We Are

Web Development, Software, and Project Management

Our main focus is developing and maintaining reliable and efficient software that is affordable to create and maintain. We satisfy all of the defined requirements that our customers request of us. Below is a list of some tools that we use to develop software and web applications:

Microsoft® SQL Server  Silverlight ™ JavaScript
Microsoft® BizTalk Web Services XML, XSL
Microsoft® Office SharePoint Crystal Reports AJAX
Microsoft® Project, Visio Oracle, mySQL WinForms

Direct Consultancy & Fixed Pricing Packages
  •  Direct consultancy means you the business owner or vision carrier get to communicate directly with a technology and marketing professional to discuss and convey your objectives and goals. Together we create a specific battle plan, designed with one goal in mind, to win for your business in the web and internet space.
  •  Direct consultancy is usually too expensive a choice for the average small to medium-sized business owner.  TrollTechs consultants break down those cost barriers of delivery in professional services. 

Our team's combined professional consultancy experience representing literally decades of proven technology victories we personally work to map your business objectives to a technology battle plan with fixed price solutions.

We have pre-designed tiered plans and systems to bring affordable solutions to your business with services such as:
  • Website creation
  • Website maintenance
  • Maintenance of Effective Online presence
  • Online Payment processing and e-commerce
  • Website and internet marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile APP development

We consult with you on your objectives, bring our technology plans, and tailor a well suited business plan together with you and win

We take pride in providing complimentary IT services to any qualified non-profit organization within our community. Let us know if we can be of help to your group. Join us in one of our many efforts by giving of yourself today. Habitat for Humanity      St Jude's Research Hospital    Angels of East Africa Childrens Miracle Network  Texas Scottish Rite Hospital   
India Tribals In Ministry    Eagles Wing Ministries       

For a free evaluation of your project Contact The Trolls at: battleplans@trolltechs.com


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