How to keep Data of apps safe from thefts use these safeguards

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Data breach and the users personal information about the theft of information is often we read and watch. Apps play a big role in this type of problems. In fact, many apps in the last few years was identified as malware. That either fraud by click or found guilty of selling data to the third party. Any such new app suspect fraud while downloading.

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Always keep in mind and this question arises how can you ensure that your data will not steal. Expressions, also agree are you aware of the bad intent of an app. setting up is not possible at the moment, but something like that tips are definitely help you to keep safe your personal data.

Use password manager:

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The first requirement for personal data protection is strong password. strongest passwords from random or irregular series of letter,numbers and symbols are made. They can not be found in any dictionary and neither do they can be broken through the force (planned estimates of hackers).

Use VPN in public wifi:

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Using Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep data safe. Especially, when you are on public wifi benefits of VPN is there are other people in the public network. Preventing cross-linking of your data masking data transmission.

filtering on the internet and censorship of avoid in addition to doing this, you can access many karmic content worldwide. The CNET websites guide the best VPN can help.

Be careful of App Permissions:

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In the opinion of digital privacy experts, whoever asks permissions from the app users should check twice. If you have your contact list, GPS data pictures permissions granted to access. So suppose that the app is using your data. Always check all permissions during installation and back up more of the permissions than your device settings.

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