Things to remember when you buy a new Phone

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hello guys! In this artice we’re here to learn about how to buy a new smartphone or a featured phone here’s all information about it. Read out full article carefully.

featured Phone vs smartPhone
Featured Phone VS SmartPhone

Nowdays, the number of mobile users reaches upto 5 billion. If you buy a feature phone they hardy and uncomplicated devices you can buy from any brand whose names sounds rarely from a million. Buying a feature phone not only to a bunch of money but one also gets to live on a higher plain of existence and rest of few twitter and instagram addicts. But since most of us ask smartphones addicts in your probably watching this one right now!

Lets try to make an easy guide to buy smartphone.

Lets start with following assumptions:

  1. All smartphone display today’s are large enough
  2. All unlocking technology is good enough
  3. Android and IOS are equal but different

If you are disagree with these points then i’m sorry can’t do anything about it so… Lets get started!

Processor values :

The Processor or SOC more accurately is the brain at the centre of the everything a smartphone does. So better the chip the faster and smoother your phone will perform. Amazon’s buying guide puts it accurately but inelligantly as ” the more powerful the processor, the lesser your phone will hang”


Xiaomi , leverage the importance of the processor with there Poco phone F1. Which had there a few features missing but offer the top end processor of that generation Snapdragon 845 for under 20K (INR). Significantly cheaper than the One Plus 6 at 35K (INR) and almost the 3rd of the Google Sony flagships. If you take a step down to a mid-range Processor like the Snapdragon 660 then you can find a great well priced phones like the Realme 2 Pro and the Asus Zenfone max Pro M2 . You can find really expensive Phones that use Snapdragon 660 too. Blackberry Key 2 come in at 42K (INR) firmly in the category of “only i have this features so i can charge whatever i want” MediaTek makes competing SOCs in the same range but should almost always be better of going with the qualcomm snapdragon. Apple, Huawei and sometimes Samsung make there own chips. while the rest usually trade belows the Qualcomm counter parts. Apple chips are genuinely a generation ahead in performance.

Now, you might be wondering how the manufacturers are able to cut-down the prices so drastically compare to the high end models with the same SOC the answer is next topic in our list.

Display role:

IPS Display

A lot of the more inexpensive phones use the IPS LCD technology because the panels are cheaper to manufacture. They also consumes more power than the OLED panels which dominates the landscape as you climb higher up the price ladder. OLED panels are more energy efficient have better viewing angles, contrasts and pure blacks as you can switch off an individual pixels. One downside of OLED panels is they can suffer burning that lease after image on the phone screen.

There is also evidence of the pulse wave modulations these phones use for dimming can cause some people to suffer from Headache. If you buy high end phones without the issues of OLED you can look the Huawei Mate 20 or the IPhone XR both of which use IPS panels. Screen to body Ratio is pretty self explanatory the higher the better. Display also have different cirtifications for colour productions such as HDR 10 , HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision. If you wanna get into extreme details as “Delta E” which measures the difference between the color your display showing and what it should be?

Apple’s Displays is usually come out to the top of this matric, So you if you’re strictly follow the colour accuracy that might be the way to go!

Cameras :

camera by iphone

A quick look on the DXOMARK reveals at the top cameras are usually tied to the high end phones. No one has try to make an budget phone with an incredible camera. That because you need a lot of processing power to encode the raw data from the camera into a video clip at 4p60 or to process a depth effect in real time. Essentially behind every successful camera there’s a fantastic processor. Modern smartphones now often includes specialized image processing units and built in AI to speed ups certain task. How many Mega Pixels do you need assuming the best display you have 4K that could be around 10.7 MP. You don’t really need much more. So the high Mega Pixel camera is the focus of the companies marketing campaign give it a hard pass.

Now i’m gonna say one word about each of these features.

  • Depth camera – No ,dual in the software like does
  • Wide Angle – Yes , Great for small spaces or landscapes
  • Black & Whites – Please, We’re not hipsters
  • Wide Selfies – I don’t need long hand friend anymore
  • Zoom – just move close to the damn thing

Battery :

This is Mostly Simple the higher the better ya! some devices might utilize the battery slightly better than the others it mostly straight should out. Ofcourse some manufacturers push the on the low by pairing the high battery with the slow and power efficient processor. But those are exceptions how long your battery lasts is completely happening of the user habits. If you play a lot of 3D games your battery probably won’t lasts long. In any case most of phones have a power save features get you to the on of the day.

After sales service :

after sale service

It is really important that your smartphone brand services are good and 24×7 Available. According to the Digit’s survey of smartphone users are found that apple users had the highest user satisfaction followed by Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola. Since it is the only good data we have right now you might take it into the consideration.

OS Updates :

designed by google

Apple is still best in this regard and it still supports phones launched in 2013. Android has made up some ground by instituting the Android One program. Whereby your phone gets timely updates for a minimum of 2 years and Security updates for a minimum 3 years.

lastly, there are the intangibles! Are you a hard knowns rationalist who doesn’t looks beyond the numbers. Alright you are romantic who needs colours the textures , vibe before you take the plunge.

Let me know in the comments below!

By : Parshant Rohaj

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